The Duthie Saga

The Duthies from Aberdeen, Scotland and associated families, the Fowlers of Yorkshire and the Papes of Lincolnshire.

Originating in Aberdeen, Findlay Duthie became a mariner and sailed with his brother William to Melbourne in 1853. His son Barclay Alexander Duthie went to Fiji in the 1870s with his wife Emma Fowler and established a large family there. Many descendants still live in Fiji; others have moved to New Zealand and Australia.

Trades & Sales

Scrivener & Edwards – Forbears in England & Wales and Descendants in Sydney, on the Richmond River & Beyond

This book about the Scrivener and Edwards families was published in 2011 and is now available for sale. ISBN 978-0-9578150-6-3. Please contact Liz if you are interested in buying a copy.

Edward Scrivener, born in London to a family involved in the drapery trade, started his own business in George Street Sydney in 1849 when he was 19 years old. His son Frederick worked as a storekeeper on the Richmond River and married Louisa, the daughter of a cedar cutter, Benjamin Edwards, descended from a Wiltshire family of butchers, shoemakers and cloth workers. Many Scrivener and Edwards descendants remain in the Richmond River area.

Ploughshares & Swords

The Campbells and McAllisters of Tenterfield.

Published as The Campbells are Coming’ in 1996. Second edition 2010. ISBN 978-0-9578150-5-6

The Campbells and McAllisters were pioneering immigrants of the Tenterfield district. Ulster traditions and colonial events shaped their lives. Successful farmers became soldiers who trained with the original Light Horse regiments, went to London for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and served with pride in the Boer War, World War One and the Second World War. Deep grief was endured as a result with seven deaths and six more family members wounded and maimed in the First World War alone.

The Campbells are Coming

The Story of the Campbells from Dromore, Ireland and the McAllisters from Antrim, Ireland & their Descendants

Published 1996

This book was replaced by the 2009 edition ‘Ploughshares & Swords’ and is no longer available.

Uncommon Endeavour

The Life and Times of Thomas Adam, Hunter pioneer and citizen

Published 1998  ISBN 0 646 34952 X

Thomas Adam was a remarkable young man who seized the opportunities for advancement after his arrival in Sydney from Ayrshire, Scotland in 1838. Difficult economic times did not deter him in his pursuit of an independent living as a cabinet maker, then Lake Macquarie timber cutter, Newcastle builder, producer of barges for the coal trade on Bullock Island, Raymond Terrace timber miller and New England tin miner. His role in public life was also impressive as a member of the first Newcastle Council, candidate for the Legislative Assembly, Raymond Terrace Mayor,  education reformer and general political and economic pundit.

Sunlight & Shadows


The Lives and Times of William & Mary Ann Adams & their descendants 1800-2012

First published 2000 Second edition 2003

ISBN 0 9578 150 0X

Third edition 2012  0978-0-9578150-7-0

The Adams were pioneers in the Shoalhaven and Alstonville districts. Migrating from Donegal, Ireland in 1838 as agricultural labourers, they became successful independent farmers in NSW facing immense challenges, traumas and ultimately financial failure. The legacy of the pioneering generations shaped the lives of their descendants.

Adam & Beyond & Supplement

Ancestry & Descendants of Thomas & Rebecca Adam  Published 2001                      ISBN 0 9778 150 18

Adam & Beyond Supplement Published 2009                     ISBN 09578 50 35

These books followed the publication of ‘Uncommon Endeavour’ in 1998, the story of Thomas and Rebecca Adam. Unlike Thomas Adam, his children took on safe careers in the railways, which provided security for their families mainly in the Hunter district. They benefited from Thomas Adam’s vision to pave the way for a better life for his descendants in the rapidly developing colony of NSW.

The Mittagong McCallums

From Argyllshire to New South Wales 1776-2004

First published 1997 Second edition 2004

ISBN 0 9578 150 26

Scottish immigrants John and Ann McCallum arrived in NSW as the railway industry was in its infancy. Although John worked in that industry in Glasgow, he established a successful coach building business in Mittagong by the time the Southern Railway reached that fledgling town, providing it with an economic stimulus. Prosperity followed but in time his sons were to find that technology made their trade redundant.  New directions were taken by different branches of the family with varying degrees of opportunity and fulfilment.

Perilous Seas

The Whitfield Family – Ancestors & Descendants England & Australia 1605-2012

Published 2012

The Whitfield family farmed in the Tyne Valley of Northumberland before moving to iron works on the Derwent River in Cumberland where two daughters drowned in separate accidents. Descendants experienced contrasting fates. One, James Whitfield made a fortune on the Australian goldfields before becoming a successful entrepreneur in Workington. His siblings lived and worked in industrial towns and the youngest, William Whitfield became a master mariner in Australia, experiencing a number of misfortunes before returning to Hull, Yorkshire, leaving his Australian family behind.

On the Rails

Ancestors & Descendants of Edward Childs & Catherine Rumble

First published as ‘From Newtownards to Newtown’ in 1996 Second edition 2007

ISBN 0 9578 150 34

Escaping the poverty of rural England, the Rumble family left Clavering, Essex and took up the opportunities offered by the construction of railways in NSW in the 1850s, as did Hugh and Edward Childs from Newtownards, County Down in Ulster, Ireland. Hugh Childs’ son, Edward, drove locomotives on the western and southern lines from 1872 until 1911 and the same industry  provided secure employment for some of his descendants when rail travel was the primary form of transportation .