Firsts and Fame

Colonial families prided themselves on their often unproven claims to be ‘first’.  Thomas Adam claimed that he was the first to navigate the entrance to Lake Macquarie in his pursuit of trading timber cut near Dora Creek. Born in 1861, his youngest son Andrew Adam was the first white child to be born at Carrington, Newcastle, then named Bullock Island.  Thomas was the first to purchase land there which crossed the island and can be seen in the 1974 photo at an angle to modern streets. In 1858 Thomas Adam was appointed by the Executive Council as a patron of the first non-vested National School in Newcastle. He was also elected to the first Municipal Council in Newcastle and  Adamstown was named after him in 1869 after he purchased 54 acres of Crown Land there. Another claim to fame was Jeanette McAllister and Hugh Campbell’s wedding in 1886, the first to be held in the newly built Tenterfield Presbyterian Church.

Hugh & Jeanette 1886
The wedding, Tenterfield Presbyterian Church 1886