About Liz

I am an historian with a long term interest in family history. Issues of particular interest in my research include the place of origin of the various families, the way in which ancestors participated in and were affected by the economic and industrial changes of the 18th and 19th Centuries in Britain and Ireland, the circumstances of their migration to Australia as well as their initial colonial experiences and participation in the changing economy and society. With each succeeding generation, experiences, opportunities and impediments expanded or limited their lives. There are elements of continuity and fundamental change with both costs and benefits. By following through these generations to the present time, it is possible to understand just who we are.

On this site you can find more information about which surnames I have researched, and family origins.

As a professional researcher doing general historical research and family history research I work with resources in all NSW and ACT repositories.
I am a member of and researcher through the following organisations: PHA (NSW) & SAG (NSW)

The Professional Historians Association (NSW) Inc (PHA NSW) represents practising professional historians in NSW and the ACT

The Society of Australian Genealogists aims to advance genealogical education and provides research facilities and services.